Thin Place

Thin place is where we gather as church members to worship together. The Celts would describe a place in creation where God seemed really close – the barrier between heaven and earth as really ‘thin.’


That is what happens when we gather to worship – in this space, is it a ‘space for allowing our humanity to be held gently. A space for wonder. A space to be at home. A space for lamenting. A space for hoping. A space for playing. A space for encounter.”



It is a short relaxed time where we express worship in many ways: song, silence, prayer, listening, scripture reading – and morning tea. Thin Place is the 2nd, and 4th Sunday morning of each month and we meet at the Halswell Hub, the old Halswell Library corner of Spark and Halswell RD (across from the butchery). We start to gather at 9.45am to connect, catchup, set up the space, and sit down around 10am for the more focused time. 


The image we think of is a family meal - “it starts when you get there” and we set up, and pack down together. When the space is ready we sit and and be intentional about our focus on God together.  We are wanting to move away from any sense of “putting on an event” for people to come and attend, but more like a family getting together.


Darryl Tempero



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Darryl Tempero