Kiwichurch is a gathering of people in Christchurch exploring fresh ways of thinking about church and faith, and what it means to follow this character named Jesus​

Boot Camp



Our focus is on spiritual practices, both ancient and contemporary, with the goal to grow to become like the person we follow

Thin Place



A short relaxed time where we express worship in many ways, song, silence, prayer, listening & reading

Kiwi Church Youth 



Bring some food to share for tea, fun, games, and conversation around faith and every day life issues

Beer and BBQ Church


Is it ‘real church?’ We think so. It depends on how you define ‘real church,’ but if you are interested then request an invite



We are moving into the new Halswell Hub (Old Library) corner of Sparks and Halswell Rd (across from the butchery). Looking forward to sharing offices with other community groups, and having some of our gatherings there.  Check out the calendar for details.


Coming Up

Darryl Tempero



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Darryl Tempero