Kiwi Church is a new congregation of the 

Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand 


It is a community of people who want to explore life together with God, in ways that are different to your usual expression of church. Most of our gatherings are in Halswell, Christchurch although there are people connected from all over the city.


There are all kinds of reasons why people do not find the usual expression of church an easy place to connect with, and we get that. There are various kinds of activities that we do together, and you may find one of them helpful to nurture your faith journey. We try and have relationship and hospitality at the centre of everything we do.


There are a number of people who make up the core leadership of Kiwi Church, which include Darryl Tempero as the minister (although not the usual model of minister either). Darryl & Michele and their family live in Halswell and facilitate many of the gatherings.

Who are we

Darryl Tempero



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